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One Super Duper High Res Tales of Xillia Screenshot

Namco Bandai outlines its Tales series plans at a 15th anniversary party.


Just in case you're wondering what Tales of Xillia really looks like when snapped by Namco Bandai as a proper screenshot, here you go:

That image was distributed to the press at the game's 15th Anniversary Commemoration Party, which

was held today in Tokyo.

The screenshot shows the game's two main characters, Shuto Matis and Mira Maxwell. For story and staff details, and a first trailer, see this story.

As reported at Famitsu.com and 4gamer, Xillia's announcement was one of the main orders of business at the party.

Famitsu's report says that you'll select one of the two main characters. You'll then experience the story for the character that you've selected.

4gamer reports that the game will use the DR-LMB (Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System). This system has the two main characters teaming up for combat.

The 4gamer report also lists the game's world as "Liese Maxia," a world in which humans, demons and spirits reside together.

At the event, Namco Bandai made some fuss about the use of Jpop legend Ayumi Hamasaki for the game's theme song. Hamasaki has prepared a song exclusively for Xillia.

Outside of Xillia, Namco Bandai also took the opportunity to announce first details on the next "Tales of Festival." Next year's installment of the annual fan event will be held on May 28 and 29 at the usual Pacifico Yokohama event space. Attendees can look forward to live performances by the theme song artists, the latest details on upcoming Tales games, and other attractions. Details will be announced at the Tales of Festival 2011 official site shortly.

Those who want to relive the 2010 installment of the Tales of Festival will be able to purchase the Tales of Festival 2010 four DVD set on December 17 for ¥9,870.

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