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The 3rd Birthday's Latest Trailer

And a strange message at the official site saying "Farewell, Aya Brea."


Square Enix released the latest trailer for The 3rd Birthday today. You can stream it here, or access it from the official site.

At the beginning of the trailer, we see Aya in her bloody wedding dress laying on the ground dazed. She asks, "Who am I." Her wedding ring has come off her finger. Yes!

Following lots and lots of action, we see Aya in event scenes with the likes of Eve, Gabrielle, Kyle and Maeda, set to the new "Eyes on You" theme song from Superfly.

If you chose to view the trailer at the official site, you might have noticed that its design has changed a bit. The front page now has a couple of backgrounds which appear randomly:

The text below the game's logo says "Farewell, Aya Brea." What could it mean?

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