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Nobunaga is an Ambitious Little Kitty

First Shenmue, now this. Die browser games die!!!


What if evolution had taken some strange twist and cats began to evolve into man but only got half way there by the 1500s? Tecmo Koei's new social game for Yahoo! Mobage will at long last answer this burning question.

Titled Nobunya no Yabou, a title that pairs the Japanese name of Nobunaga's Ambition with the Japanese phrase for the sound cats make, this historical simulation puts you in control of cat versions of famous generals. There's Nobunyaga Oda, Shingen Mikeda, and Ogounyan.

A beta version of Nobunyaga no Yabou will begin in January on Yahoo! Mobage, with official service planned for Spring 2011. Pre-registration started today at the game's official site.

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