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Sony Expands PlayStation Store Video Content

All six major Hollywood studios now distributing video content on Japanese store.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan said today that it will be expanding the library of video content on the Japanese PlayStation Store through the support of new Hollywood Studios.

Currently, Walt Disney Studios Japan, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers provide content for the shop. Starting in January, 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures will begin offering content as well. With the new partners, the video shop will stock such popular movies as Predators and The Bourne Identity.

Sony will be commemorating the feat of getting all six major Hollywood studios on board with a raffle campaign. Those who make a PlayStation Store movie purchase will be entered into a drawing for some Resident Evil IV After Life, Inception and Toy Story 3 goods, . For further details, see the campaign page

The video section of the PlayStation Store currently stocks 1,500 titles (totaling over 5,000 episodes). Although the shop originally focused on anime, it now has movies, dramas, music clips and other genres.

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