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EA Details 3DS Games

My Garden and The Sims 3 get some time with the Japanese press.


Betcha weren't expecting to find the latest details on EA's lineup of 3DS titles coming out of Japan! Well get used to it! Japan is where 3DS is launching first, and EA has two games pencilled in for that "Spring" launch period that many expect indicates launch window.

Famitsu.com posted previews of the two games today. Access the site for screens of the tentatively titled The Sims 3 and the less tentatively titled Tsukurou Ponta no Gardens DS.


The Sims 3 is, of course, the latest entry in the Sims series. The game uses the 3DS hardware to show off 3D recreation of your sims on the stop screen. The system's bottom screen is used to show a full area map.

You create your sims by freely editing face, skin, clothing, personality, life goal and other areas. You interact with your Sims by giving them precise directions on what to do. They'll clue you in on what they're feeling via "Moodlet" icons which cleary state such things as "I want to sleep" or "I want to take a bath."

The game also gives you access to "Karma Power," which allows you to instantly change your sims' lives. You'll need to be careful with this power, though. If, for example, you shake the 3DS, money will fall from the sky. However, go too far, and you'll trigger an earthquake.

The print version of Famitsu has a few additional details on how the 3DS's unique features will be put to use. You'll be able to use the system's camera to take a picture and automatically create a sim that looks just like you. The game will have Wi-Fi support, allowing you to download new hair styles, clothing and so-forth. You'll also be able to exchange sims with other players through Street Pass.

The Sims 3 is due for Spring 2011 release.

Tsukurou Ponta no Gardens DS

Don't let all the Japanese scare you. This is just the final name for the Japanese release of My Garden, a simulation game that was announced just ahead of The Tokyo Game Show in September.

Ponta is the name of the tanuki who serves as your guide to creating a garden. Working with Ponta, your goal is to create the most beautiful garden in the world.

To position objects in your garden, you make use of the system's touch screen, which displays a full map. You can shake the 3DS system to make unwanted insects go away, and whistle into the system's mic to attract birds.

There's fun to be had even after you've created your garden. You'll find "photo challenge" events where you're tasked with taking a themed picture of your garden.

Tsukurou Ponta no Gardens DS is also listed as Spring 2011.

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