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New PS3 Card Game Costs 100 Yen, Has Yuzo Koshiro Music

Hudson's latest experiment with downloadable games.


Hudson's new PlayStation 3 card-based battle game Elemental Monster Online Card Game is most likely the cheapest downloadable PlayStation 3 game (that features music from game music legend Yuzo Koshiro) ever. Hudson is asking a mere ¥100.

Of course, there's a catch in the form of usage fees and download content.

In its base form, Elemental Monster features a 10 hour single player mode with over 50 normal stages of play in which you follow a story and face off against the CPU in battle.

Combat has both players assemble a deck of six cards, which are used to summon beasts. You issue commands to these monsters to pit them against your foe's monsters. The game makes use of the "Flip System," which apparently allows for direct attacks and sudden reversals.

You're going to have to pay a bit of yen to play online. Hudson says the game will deliver an arcade-like experience, as you'll need to purchase "online play tickets" at a rate of ¥100 per set of four. In return, you'll get a card in return once you complete your play session. It's just like playing one of the many arcade card games out there.

Those who aren't patient enough to wait for cards one at a time will also be able to purchase Booster Boxes for ¥500 each. There may be some virtual collection value in the cards, as Hudson is readying collaborations for the card art.

Elemental Monster Online Card Game is due for release on December 22. Visit Famitsu.com for first screens.

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