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The Gals Celebrate Super Street Fighter IV's Arcade Release

Next up for Ono and crew, Super SFIV 3D for 3DS!


Today is December 16. According to the andriasang.com release calendar December 16 is Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition's release date!

The Capcom gals got in a celebratory mood today:

You can download this commemorative wallpaper from the Arcade Edition download page.

In addition to the wallpaper, the Super SFIV development blog was updated with commemorative messages from all the key players.

Included in the bunch is, of course, producer Yoshinori Ono who said that now that Arcade Edition is done, the staff will be working hard on finishing up Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition for 3DS.

Regarding a home release for Arcade Edition's new features, Ono said to follow his Twitter for some occasional leaks.

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