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Square Enix Slashes Earnings Forecasts

Deus Ex delay and Final Fantasy XIV troubles listed among problems.

A Deus Ex delay and problems with Final Fantasy XIV have lead Square Enix to cut its earnings estimates.

Square Enix slashed its earnings forecast for the current fiscal year today. The company now expects sales of 130 billion yen and net earnings of 1 billion yen, down from the originally forecast 160 billion yen and 12 billion yen.

As reason for the revision, the company mentioned a delay in Deus Ex's release from this fiscal year to next fiscal year, along with Final Fantasy XIV's extended free period and PlayStation 3 version delay. For Deus Ex, the company said that it hopes to further polish the game. Final Fantasy XIV's policy changes were announced last week.

The company said that the consumer games it released in the first half of the current fiscal year saw poor sales, and "a key title" received harsh market feedback. Strengthening the development capability of its digital entertainment business is currently the most important topic for its management.

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