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Date Set For Metal Gear Arcade

Experience 3D Metal Gear Solid next week.


The arcade adaptation of Metal Gear Online has been a long time in the coming, but it's at long last ready for release. Metal Gear Arcade will hit game centers on the 20th, Konami announced today.

Metal Gear Arcade is based off Metal Gear Online, the online exclusive combat game that came bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4 on PlayStation 3. Konami has redone the game with 3D visuals, a gun controller, and a head tracking system.

Konami first showed the game in playable form at the AOU arcade show back in February. It has since seen a number of changes and additions. The latest feature set includes a set of 3D glasses built into the cabinet, allowing for passersby to take a peak at the action in 3D, and support for Konami's e-Amusement Pass system for saving data.

Japanese readers will find in-depth impressions and a close look at the game's cabinet in this recent 4gamer report.

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