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AKB1/48 Has 48 Times The Download Content

Details on the idol love sim's pricey DLC, plus info on swappable clothes and "irregular" events.


If you're a fan of just one member of AKB48, no worries. If you're a fan of all of them, though, Namco Bandai's AKB1/48 love sim may require a new line of credit.

In AKB1/48, all 48 members of the AKB48 group start off in love with you. You'll have to date and reject them one at a time until you come to your one true love.

"48" is the running theme with the game. The first print bonus is a set of 48 swappable jackets, allowing you to put the girl of your choice on the box. The limited edition PSP bundle includes 48 replacement battery covers with kiss marks from each girl.

The 48 theme runs into the download content as well. Namco Bandai has announced the first set of DLC for the game. For ¥300, you'll be able to get a "Photo Clock" app that makes one of the girls appear on screen to tell the time.

With 48 members, at ¥300 per member, this could get pricey! Actually, if you do want all the clocks for all the girls, you won't need to pay ¥15,000. Namco Bandai is releasing value priced sets. You can have Team A, K or B in complete form for ¥2,400 each. Or, you can get all the girls together for ¥3,500.

Joining the Photo Clock details, Namco Bandai provided an update on a few other areas of the. Be sure and check out our previous coverage, and read below for the new info.


"Irregular Events" refer to unexpected events. For instance, you may get approached by a jealous member who spots you on a date with another member, or you may receive an e-mail from a girl who just can't let you go even though you've rejected her. Some girls may end up asking you directly about your relationship with the other girls. There are a variety of such events.


Clear certain conditions in the game, and the girls will change into special game-original clothing. They'll have new facial expressions too.


You'll collect trading cards for the girls as you play. These can be exchanged with other players via ad-hoc. Cards that have been received from other players are flagged with a big "copy" watermark and can't be used as wallpaper.


These scenes are from the making-of DVD that's included with the game's limited editions.

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