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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's Metal Gear Quest Hits Christmas Eve

Take on the MGS Solid & Liquid quest for some sneaky Felyne goods.


Capcom and Konami have a sweet little Christmas gift on the way for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd players. The first part of the game's promised Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker collaborations will kick off on Christmas Eve.

At 13:00 on the 24th, Capcom will release the download quest "MGS Solid & Liquid." Clear this event quest, and you'll unlock the Felyne weapon "Solid Neko Knife" and Felyne equipment "Infinite Neko Bandanya" and "Solid Neko Suits." (There are too many puns to count in these names. Neko, by the way, is Japanese for cat.)

Capcom refers to this quest as the first part of the collaboration between the two games, presumably meaning that more collaborative offerings are on the way.

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