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The 3rd Birthday Videos: Weapons and Enemy Weak Points

Plus, a look at the game's Jump Festa showing, where the "final trailer" was shown.


We only recently got a brand new trailer for The 3rd Birthday, but Square Enix appears to be in a giving mood as Christmas (and the game's release date too) approaches, and so we were treated to more footage today.

The "system" section of the official site delivered two clips, which were quickly YouTubed.

First, a clip and some screens showing some of Aya's weapon options, including a tank and a helicopter. To take control of these, Aya overdives into the vehicle's pilot.

Next, enemy weak points. When you equip a sniper rifle and view into the finder, you'll be able to see enemy weak points that you normally couldn't see.

The 3rd Birthday official blog was also updated today, providing a look at the game's Jump Festa showing. Square Enix's photographers were allowed to take pics inside the demo area. Have a look:

How much would you pay for that theatrical poster?

Jump attendees were able to sample The 3rd Birthday and also view a trailer that the blog describes as "the final trailer."

We've been covering Jump Festa all day, so check our event index for more.

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