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New Legend of Heroes Coming Next Year

Falcom promises biggest "Kiseki" game ever, once again for PSP.


What's next after Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki and Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki? We'll find out next year! Nihon Falcom announced today that it will release the next entry in the "Kiseki" line of Legend of Heroes RPGs in 2011. The new game will, once again, be for the PSP.

In a statement, Falcom said the new game is being developed to commemorate its 30th anniversary. It will have an "overwhelming world view and the highest volume in [series] history," read the statement.

Falcom currently refers to the new game as just "New Kiseki Series Title."

Screens from Zero no Kiseki. Released in September, this sequel to Sora no Kiseki received a users choice award at this year's PlayStation Awards.

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