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Tetsuya Nomura Details Fabula Press Conference

Kingdom Hearts 3D to join speaking Final Fantasy Versus XIII main character.

Versus and Agito were represented at Jump through these posters.

Square Enix's big January briefing event saw a name change from "Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference" to "1st Production Department Premier" last week. But aside from the name we haven't gotten much in the way of details in terms of what product will be shown.

For some hints, we turn to Tetsuya Nomura, who shared a few comments on the event with Dengeki this week.

The event was originally scheduled for January 11 but was changed to January 18. This change was done due to timing associated with magazines, said Nomura.

Also changing from the original plan is the focus of the event. While Nomura said in past interviews that the event would target the press, it's now switched to a fan event.

We shared details on how attendees for the event's two showings are being selected yesterday. For that, and details on an internet stream, read this story.

The event will be attended by an unannounced MC as well as the staff of the various games. In between footage of the games, the staff will explain the product.

Video footage will be the main focus of the January event, said Nomura. He contrasted this to last week's Jump Festa event, where demos were the main focus.

Asked what games to expect at the event, Nomura said, "In addition to the Fabula Nova Crystallis related titles, there will be Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts 3D and Dissidia Duodicim Final Fantasy."

"Fabula Nova Crystallis" is the term for the general series that includes Final Fantasy XIII, Agito XIII, Versus XIII, and possibly other games as well. Regarding Versus, Nomura said that main character Noctis will at last speak. Different from the image videos that we've seen until now, the Versus footage that's shown at the event will include actual footage from the game, said Nomura, although he warned that what we see will be before the visuals have been given a quality up.

"There will be plenty in terms of information and surprises," assured Nomura.

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