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Persona Team Seeking Staff

Series director Katsura Hashino says large number of hires planned for summer 2011.

In addition to Catherine, the Persona team is working on a remake of Persona 2 Innocent Sin.

The folks behind Persona and Catherine are seeking staff. In a column featured in this week's Dengeki PlayStation, Persona series director Katsura Hashino reveals that team Persona will be making a large number of hires in summer 2011.

What for? Hashino does not say. However, it looks like this could be for the team's next title. Notice of the hiring came in the latest installment of a series of columns titled "The Locus of Persona." In this week's column, Hashino says, "We've managed to arrive at master up for the Persona team's new title Catherine, and I'm taking a breather. Although even though I say this, we're making a number of movements towards the next title."

It's widely expected that this next title will be Persona 5. In this week's column, Hashino does not share further comment on the next title, instead giving a general discussion of how he approaches the creation of a game's world setting and story.

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