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5pb. Progressing With Hideo Kojima and Suda 51 Tie-up Project

Collaborative adventure game said to be 1% complete.

Suda (left), Shikura (center) and Kojima (right) at a lunch meeting where their new adventure game was apparently conceived.

Some time back, 5pb. CEO Chiyomaru Shikura revealed that he, Metal Gear Solid's Hideo Kojima and Grasshopper Manufacturer's Suda 51 were working together on an adventure game. Shikura has at long last made another mention of the game. Speaking with Famitsu this week, Shikura said that the game's development progress is currently "about 1%."

Word of this mysterious tie-up project first emerged back in May when Shikura Tweeted that a lunch meeting with Kojima and Suda 51 had resulted in a plan for a new adventure game.

Shikura brought up the game in a July 4gamer interview, saying "With regards to the projects that I'm directly involved in, there's the third entry in that science series, and the project with Konami's Hideo Kojima. I think these are the two things that I should first put my full effort behind." He added, "Kojima said that he wanted to make an adventure game. We're still at the level of 'let's lock ourselves away in the mountains somewhere and work on the plot,' so the specifics haven't been finalized."

Dengeki questioned Shikura about the Kojima tie-up in an August interview. Shikura responded, "Nothing has been finalized, but it would be nice if we could make something interesting together. Above all else, I'm a huge fan of Snatcher, and Mr. Kojima is a god-like existence."

Shikura latest comments on the Kojima and Suda tie-up come in an interview discussing the third entry in the science series that he mentioned in the 4gamer interview. Titled "Robotics:notes," this will follow Chaos Head and Steins Gate as an original science themed adventure game. The game is themed around robots and features development support from Japan's space agency, JAXA. A platform is not revealed in the magazine, but Shikura does promise a 2011 release.

Chaos Head (left) and Steins Gate (right). No screens or images have been released for Robotics:notes.

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