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Gal Gun: Naughty PV and Disgusting Retail Bonuses

Fire your pheromone shot at these telephone cards!


The Gal Gun retail bonuses range from embarrassing to incriminating. See for yourself (but for gods sake not while in public!)

Like most smutty bonus items, these are all telephone cards that I don't think you're actually supposed to use for making telephone calls. You'll get a different card depending on where you buy the game.

Alchemist also shared today the game's latest promotional video. This one focuses on the Akira Hibuki heroine and begins with an introduction by her voice actress, Humiko Uchimura.

Here's an interview where Uchimura describes Gal Gun as a "dream game" that lets you experience most of the things you normally can't experience, all in a single game:

Gal Gun will be going on playable demo in Akihabara. Visit Gamers Akihabara on the 23rd (a holiday) for the "Doki Doki Demo Event." You'll get a post card in return. I haven't seen the post card yet, but I'd suggest hiding it deeeeeeeeep in your bag.

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