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Classic Dungeon Sequel Coming to PSP

Double the everything in retro-styled dungeon RPG.

From the original Classic Dungeon.

Classic Dungeon, or "Cladun: This is an RPG" as it was renamed for release in the Western world, is getting a sequel. Dengeki has a look this week at PSP's Classic Dungeon X2.

The "X2" phrase is not just a part of the title. It also peppers Dengeki's article . Almost all elements have been doubled for the sequel. The game has twice the weapons, twice the types of Magic Circles, twice the jobs, more twice the edit elements, and more story and dungeon volume (there's no "x2" listed for the story an dungeons, though, so maybe it's not twice as much).

One thing Classic Dungeon X2 doesn't have is twice the pixels. The game retains the retro sprite look of its predecessor. It's hard to tell if there have been any visual improvements based off the screenshots in Dengeki, but that's not really the point, is it.

Joining the sprite-based visuals, the basics of the game appear to be the same. The game is largely split into two parts: a home base where you prepare your characters, and dungeons (along with "ran-geons," short for "random dungeons").

About all those doubled up elements, here's what Dengeki says:

Double the weapon types

The original had sword, club and staff weapons. CD2 adds arrow, dagger and spear weapons. The arrows are for distance, and you can also launch special elemental arrows by holding down the attack button. The dagger has short reach but is quick and can do positional damage to monsters. The sphere has greater range than the sword, and you can push the attack button a second time to get a second attack.

The Magic Circle system in the original Classic Dungeon.

More than double the Magic Circle types

Magic Circle is a unique formation system for setting up support characters who come to your assistance in dungeons. There were 103 types of these in the original. CD2 has over 200.

Double the jobs

The original had five jobs. CD2 ups this to 10. Dengeki has a look at two of the new jobs, Saint and Ranger. Saints can learn recovery magics and can take out monsters who can't die. Rangers can learn skills with arrows and daggers and are capable of quick movement. The job character design and package illustration is from Mota, known for Sega's Seventh Dragon.

More than double the edit elements

The game's character making feature has advanced through the inclusion of a new "Advance Mode." In this mode, in addition to setting your character's name and physical appearance, you can also set animation, and make equipment and background music. When creating equipment, you can change physical appearance, set a name, and create a custom explanation. For the characters, you can create a relationship chart indicating who's related to who and who loves who. You'll be able to load up your characters from the original.

Greater story and dungeon volume

You'll find a greater number of dungeons, along with new gimmicks and new monsters.

Classic Dungeon 2 is due for March 24 release in UMD (¥4,179) and download (¥3,000) form.

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