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Catherine Gameplay Update

What awaits Vincent when he ascends the stairs? Plus, sheep!


Catherine's PlayStation 3 version is now the number one most wanted game in Famitsu. This is a remarkable feat for a completely original title.

Not surprisingly, the magazine delivered another report on the game this week. Last week, we got first details on the game's Nightmare dream component. In case you missed out, read these stories:

The latest update contains information about this screenshot:

This is the type of area that Vincent arrives at after ascending the stairs that make up the game's action-oriented nightmare stages. Here, you can speak to the sheep to get new information and learn new skills for use in the stages. You can also exchange coins to purchase new tools.

At the end of the red carpet is the "Confession Room." Based of Famitsu's description, it's not entirely clear what this is. It seems that Vincent will hear a mysterious voice from the room, asking him some bizarre questions. Enter the room, and Vincent will be faced with his next challenge. (The room may just be a way of going to the next stage).

Also new in this issue is a discussion of the role the sheep play in the game. The sheep, which Vincent encounters in his nightmares, have a role both during the adventure part and the action part.

Some of the people you encounter while at the bar resemble some of the sheep you encounter in your dreams. Perhaps the sheep are representations of the people in Vincent's real world?

An example is Todd, a person who visits the bar and asks Vincent if they might have met. In a subsequent nightmare, Vincent hears a sheep, who looks like Todd, complaining that he might have been sent to the nightmare world because he put the moves on a young employee at his company. You're given the chance to council the sheep. In later screen from the bar, Vincent's friend Archer tells him that Todd has died. Do Vincent's conversations with the sheep in his nightmare affect the real world?

(As always, this isn't me asking the question, but Famitsu... so the answer is probably "yes.")

During the nightmare's action parts, you'll find that some sheep block your way in an effort to make themselves survive. You'll need to push them out of the way, sometimes making use of bizarre tools. One screen shows Vincent apparently blasting a couple of sheep with electricity.

Many areas of the nightmare component are still mysterious, but it should all be cleared up once Atlus shares gameplay footage.

UPDATE 12/23 -- Famitsu.com has posted screenshots from the Famitsu article.

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