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More PlayStation Move Demos Coming Tomorrow

Sarugetchu and Big 3 Gun Shooting join Bleach Soul Ignition.


Get those Move controllers ready! Sony has a couple of new demos on the way tomorrow (12/24).

Demos of Furi Furi! Sarugetchu and Big 3 Gun Shooting will hit PlayStation Store tomorrow. Both games are already out, but the Sarugetchu demo in particular is worth a download as it has content that's not in the retail version.

In these screenshots, you'll notice that your character has a monkey on top of its head. That's from a tie-up with Cheburashka and is exclusively for the demo.

This has nothing to do with Move, but a demo of Bleach Soul Ignition will also be available tomorrow. Attendees of last weekend's Jump Festa event received a code for downloading this demo in advance.

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