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Princess Frontier Portable Detailed

2008 PC title coming to PSP with new heroines and other bonuses.


Princess Frontier Portable was announced back in November. Today, Alchemist shared screens and details.

This PSP title is based off a 2008 PC game called Princess Frontier. You play as Ryu, a candidate for knighthood. During your inaugural ceremony, you stumble and end up touching the princess's chest. Because of this, you're sent far away to the frontiers to to take on border patrol duties.

For the portable version, Alchemist is adding new heroines and event CG, and is retouching the scenarios for the existing heroines. All these changes are being done by the original's staff. The new heroines are Monica, princess of a neighboring country, and Wilma, a knight who protects her.

The PSP version will also see new opening and ending themes. The new opening is "Dive to Future" from Masami Okui. The game will also include an arranged version of the original's opening.

Princess Frontier Portable will see release on April 7, priced ¥7,140 for its standard version and ¥9,429 for a limited edition. The limited edition includes a vocal collection CD with seven full version songs and a "Princess Frontier Portable" illustration book.

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