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Square Enix's Wacky 3rd Birthday Promotional Campaign

Watch 50 commercials featuring comedian Jin Katagiri overdiving into people.


Square Enix is promoting The 3rd Birthday through a campaign that's best described with this image.

The guy flipping out is Jin Katagiri, member of comedy duo Rahmens. He's at the center of the new "Tonight, overdive into Katagiri" campaign.

This campaign consists of 50 special commercial spots that show Katagiri overdiving into various people.

Here are a couple of examples that have Katagiri dive into a volleyball player, a gravure idol and a karate master.

You can see all the spots at the campaign page or at The 3rd Birthday YouTube Channel.

At the end of each spot, you'll find a special code. Input all 50 codes at the campaign page (in the white text box at the bottom of the page) and you'll unlock a special goodie.

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