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Night of the Sacrifice Update

Balance Wii Board and 2P support detailed.


Two of the big mysteries from Marvelous Entertainment's original announcement of Night of the Sacrifice have been cleared up courtesy of Famitsu.com. The site has details on the game's Balance Wii Board and 2P support options.

As detailed a couple of weeks back, Night of the Sacrifice, or "Ikenie no Yoru" in Japanese, is a horror adventure game in which you switch off between a group of college students who've decided to take a trip to a raven that, legend has it, was once home to sacrificial rituals.

It was a bit difficult to figure out how such a game would support the Balance Wii Board or a second player, but Famitsu sheds light on this area. You'll be able to actually walk on the Balance Wii Board to make your in-game character walk. As for the second player support, the second player will be able to use his Wiimote to stop attacking enemies.

Another peculiarity some noticed about the game's screenshots was its character designs. The game seems to have a mix of realistically shaded characters and flat shaded silhouette-like characters.

The flat shaded characters are the five college students who have visited the ravine. Their names are, from left to right, Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Red.

Black is the one who invited the other characters to the ravine. His father owns the mansion at which they're staying. Blue is kind and has a strong sense of justice. Yellow was raised well and is pure hearted. Pink states her opinion clearly.

Red is a leader amongst the five, but has somewhat of a temper. His statement of "Let's test our courage" gets the whole mess started.

You'll end up controlling Black, Blue, Yellow and "You." Famitsu doesn't state why Pink and Red can't be controlled.

It seems that much of the gameplay will involve searching the mansion and ravine with your Wiimote as a flashlight. You'll be attacked by strange creatures, but you can't actually defeat them, so running away is your only option.

Along the way, you'll encounter a mysterious young girl. She seems particularly friendly with Yellow. What is the reason behind the sadness that fills this girl's eyes?

Visit Famitsu.com for a bunch of additional screenshots.

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