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The Last Story Has 30 Hours Play Time

Sakguchi Tweets about play length, online play and more.

Sakaguchi fills in some details on his upcoming Wii RPG.

The Last Story director Hironobu Sakaguchi has been Tweeting about his latest creation. Here's some of what he had to say.

Normal play time on your first time through the game will be 30 hours, revealed Sakaguchi. This, of course, will vary depending on if players redo quests and revisit dungeons. Sakaguchi wanted to deliver a good tempo and a feeling of "denseness" about the story, so he feels that 30 hours is perfect.

This is probably a meaningless number for most, but the game has has 12,000 lines of in-game voiced dialogue. This is more than Sakaguchi had expected. (The reason Sakaguchi brought out this stat is that someone had asked him for a figure during an interview, but he'd been unable to respond. The person in charge of that area of the game relayed the figure to him).

The Last Story is being made so that players will continue to play after their first passing, via online and other elements. You won't have to wait until clearing the game to play online, though. You'll just need a save file. You can play Online after reaching the first save point.

You may be at a disadvantage if you rush right into online play, though. Your character's level and how much you've strengthened your weapons are reflected during the online group boss battles, so things may be difficult if you haven't sunk your teeth into the offline mode a bit.

The online battle royal mode only takes your characters' physical appearance into account with no consideration for level and weapon strength, so this can be played without getting too far in the offline game. Sakaguchi also said that the same holds true for "Team battle royal" mode. I don't think Nintendo has announced team play yet, so thanks for the scoop, Gooch!

Online play allows for the expected two types of match making: random matches, played against someone you don't know, and friends, played with those with whom you've exchanged friend codes.

Outside of online play, the game will have replay value from multiple play throughs of the story mode. You'll be able to replay the game with all your items in tact. They're balancing the game for second play throughs, complete with specific drop items. This balancing is pretty tough, said Sakaguchi.

Sakaguchi promises lots and lots of details for the live presentation he's holding on the 27th. He's currently preparing the save data for use during the presentation and is asking his Twitter followers for their opinion. Do they want lots of drama scenes, or do they not want to know anything about the story and would thus rather the demo focus on battle.

You can send your feedback to Sakaguchi via Twitter (I think Sakaguchi lives in Hawaii, so either English or Japanese should be okay).

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