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Yakuza Of the End's Partner System

Build up a partner character at Gary's Boot Camp and challenge Kamurocho's underground dungeon.

You won't be alone in your Yakuza Of the End gun fights.

Sega has been holding back on one new area of Yakuza of the End's gameplay: the new partner system. As you run through zombie-infested Kamurocho, you'll be able to take a partner character with you. Famitsu has first details this week.

The partner system is called "Aibo wo Tsukurou!," or "Let's Make a Partner." Clearing certain sub stories will unlock partner characters. You'll be able to raise these characters, and also bring them with you to challenge a dungeon called "Kamurocho Underground." During combat, you can give instructions to the partner.

Yakuza fans will recognize some of the partner characters. Famitsu has a look at Kazuto Arase and Makoto Date, both characters from former Yakuza games. Screenshots show these two accompanying Kazuma on his gun fights with zombies. Although not shown in Famitsu, past video footage has shown the hostesses fighting alongside you, perhaps as partner characters.

To build up your partner character, you head to the "Gary's Boot Camp" facility. This is run by Gary Buster Holmes, who appeared in the first two Yakuza games as a powerful foe to Kazuma. You can train your partner character through such activities as "Field Combat," where the character runs through the fields of play and takes out zombies, and "Shooting Range," where the character takes out zombies from a fixed position. Through these activities, your partner character will build experience and learn new skills.

The Kamurocho Underground dungeon, accessed via a manhole, is full of powerful enemies. You'll fight alongside your partner character and work your way to the bottom floor. Reach the bottom floor and you'll earn experience and items.

Outside of the partner system details, Famitsu has a look at a couple of early story sequences featuring Akiyama, one of the four playable characters. During the game's prologue, Akiyama gets stuck in the sealed-off zombie infested area of Kamurocho. He and his secretary Hana attempt escape, but end up getting chased by masses of zombies. It's here that they meet Tojo Clan member Tomoaki Nagahama, one of the game's new characters (previously introduced here). Nagahama will lead Akiyama and Hana to a manhole which connects to the underground of Kamurocho.

Akiyama in a confrontation with Nagahama.

Not all of Kamurocho gets infested with zombies simultaneously. At first, only the area surrounding Tenkaichi Street, the main road that includes Akiyama's Sky Finance office and the Star Dust host club, is hit and gets closed off by the Self Defense Force. This area expands as the game progresses.

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