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D3 Readying Lots and Lots of Earth Defense Force

Mystery countdown site reveals four new entries across a variety of platforms.


D3 Publisher opened one of those teaser countdown sites about a week ago. The countdown reached zero today, revealing the site to be about the Earth Defense Force series.

The site links to this Nico Nico Douga video which mentions four entires in the series: Earth Defense Force 2 Portable, Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon, Earth Defense Force 4 and Earth Defense Force Legend.

EDF2 Portable is a PSP title. Insect Armageddon is a PS3 and Xbox 360 title that was previously announced overseas. Legend is a mobile title that will see release in January. EDF4 is currently in production, but aside from this D3 has not said anything about it.

Insect Armageddon is being developed outside of Japan and will be released on PS3 in summer 2011 at ¥7,140. Japanese release timing for the Xbox 360 version is currently undecided.

The game will support online multiplayer, with three players teaming up for campaign mode and six players working together in survival mode. Difficulties include normal, hard and "inferno."

Earth Defense Force 2 Portable is a port of PlayStation 2's Earth Defense Force 2 . It includes all 71 missions from the PS2 version along with all new missions. All missions are compatible with co-op play via ad-hoc (D3 has yet to share the player count). A release is planned for Spring at ¥4,800.

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