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Catherine Composer Comments on Bonus Soundtrack

Get set for a sampling of classical remixes from the game's action sequences.

You'll hear arrangements of classical music while playing Catherine's action parts.

Catherine composer Shouji Meguro took up the topic of the game's bonus soundtrack in yesterday's post at the Catherine development blog.

Meguro worked on mastering for the soundtrack this past Monday. Even though this is just a bonus CD, he's working with Sony Music's mastering studio and an engineer named Suzue. He normally works with these parties for full soundtracks. Suzue works on the mastering for Shin Megamitensei soundtracks at a pace of 1 to 2 per year.

This has been mentioned in past blog posts, but Meguro reiterated here that the bonus soundtrack will consist entirely of classical arrangements pulled from the game's action part. You'll find a total of 11 songs. One of the songs is from an event scene.

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