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This is Shinguji Sakura in a Browser

Sega shares screens and additional details on its browser-based Sakura Wars game.


Sega shared official media today for the Sakura Taisen browser game, Sakura Taisen Taishou Roman Gakuentan.

First, screens of classic heroines Sakura, Maria and Kanna.

Next, images of the game's main setting, Teito Shinjima (帝都新島 -- I may be off with the romanization). Teito Shinjima is a 10x7 km island located in Tokyo Bay. It wasn't originally in the bay, however. It is believed to have formed during the Taisho era (this is a fictional period from the Sakura Taisen series) due to sudden changes in the Earth's crust.

The island is currently used for defensive training purposes and is managed by the government and army. The only people who can enter the island are select members of the army and students and instructors at the Imperial Academy, which is located on the island.

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