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The Last Story: The Gurugu Race and Special Attacks

Our latest look at Mistwalker's original Wii RPG.


Our latest update on The Last Story comes from Famitsu, which recently provided a first look at the Gurugu Race, a couple of special attacks, and a closer look at key areas of Ruli City.

The Gurugu Race

The Gurugu people are a race of human-like creatures that fought against man for hundreds of years. Humans prevailed, and the Gurugu were swept away from the continent, but ties remain to this day.

Elza and Kanan in The Last Story.

Humankind has strengthened their force of arms to fend off the Gurugu. It was previously mentioned that Ruli Island's shores are fortified with canons. These canons are used to deal with the Gurugu people who come from across the sea.

At some point in the game, Ruli Castle will come under attack from the Gurugu soldiers, who will attack from what appears to be an airship. Main character Elza and heroine Kanan will be joined by mercenary Quark and a member of the Ruli Castle knights to form a party of four and face off against the attackers. The Gurugu solidiers appear to be divided into types such as swordsmen and mages.

Tension Skills

In battle screenshots, you might have noticed a "skill" gauge below Elza's HP gauge. This gauge is actually referred to as a "Tension Gauge." It builds up based off your actions during battle. Once full, if you switch to command mode (which freezes time and allows you to select for command-based inputs), you'll have access to a special Tension Skill.

Spreading a Magic Circle with Wind.

Each character has unique Tension Skills. Famitsu introduce's one of Elza's, "Accelerate." When you use this, Elza's movement speed increases. This can be particularly useful when you consider that the battles are played in real time. You can make Elza use his wind magic to spread the Accelerate modifiers effects to other members of your party.

Vertical Slash

Elza's Vertical Slash move is one example of a whole type of attack that makes use of the environment. To make Elza perform his Vertical Slash, you must make use of columns or walls. Elza will climb up such vertical obstacles and leap down, thrusting his sword into the ground and dealing damage to enemies in a certain range.

You can combine this move with Elza's Gathering Ability, which turns enemy attention towards Elza. One screen in Famitsu shows a group of five or six enemies pursuing Elza who's approaching a column which he'll climb and use as a launching point for his vertical slash move.

Elza's wind magic has the ability to spread the effect of Magic Circles, which are remnants of previously cast spells that are left on the battle field (more details here). The Vertical Slash move can also make Magic Circles spread assuming you strike in the right spot. Different from the wind spell, which you call via a command window and can precisely aim, the Vertical Slash move is performed in real time, making aiming tough.

Closer Look at Ruli City

Our last look at Ruli City provided details on the Marche merchant area and the Central Plaza area. The latest locations revealed in Famitsu are Naful Canal and Shokunin Street.

One area of Ruli City.

Naful Canal is a manmade river that was created to protect Ruli City from flooding during the rainy season. The Canal splits the city in two. People make use of two bridges to cross into the Central Plaza area, which was built atop the Canal. You'll see people fishing and taking walks along the shores of the Canal. At night, you'll see fireworks.

Shokunin Street (this could translate to "Workman's Street") is a gathering spot for workers of all kinds. You'll go here to purchase equipment and accessories and to strengthen your current equipment. You can also access the game's appraisal system (detailed here) via a shop. The street is narrow and packed with people.

Rather than actual shops, the equipment upgrade shop and appraisal shops are just people running businesses from the street. When you speak to them, a shop menu will pop up. To use the upgrade shop, you'll need money and the items required for upgrades. Upgrading your equipment will improve their properties and could also unlock new skills. Weapons may even transform into other types after fortification. The appraisal shop has to be used to identify items that are marked with a question mark. These items can't be used until they've been identified. Most of the items that you obtain from enemies and treasure boxes are assigned types at random, which means that you could get some powerful items from the very start of the game.

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