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Valkyria Chronicles 3 Update

Three new Nameless and the latest gameplay details


Sega's provided a big screenshot blast for Valkyria Chronicles 3 today, sharing details on three new Nameless character, and a few gameplay bits.

On the character side, first up is Gusurugu, the tank commander. Gusurugu was sent to the Nameless for being of the Darcsen race. While his tendency to look after others gives him role of a brother who can be depended on, he doesn't believe himself to be a leader and thus left leadership of the Nameless to Kurt. He was the group's temporarily leader following their previous leader's death until Kurt joined.

The other two Nameless are Julio Rosso and Gloria Dareru. Julio (below, left), a former cook, was sent to the Nameless after it was found that he was making unauthorized use of army food provisions. Gloria (below, right), who's big on liquor and tobacco, was arrested on suspicion of secretly smuggling weapons.

On the gameplay front comes a look at a supply shop run by Gallia army soldier Clarissa. Clarissa comes to the roaming Nameless base in her armored tank and delivers equipment and related services.

From Clarissa's supply menu, shown above, you can select to fortify your current equipment and weapons and obtain new weapons and equipment for your troops and tanks. You can also purchase "accessories," which are like the tank stickers from the previous game.

The game will make equipping newly obtained equipments easy, as you can automatically equip all troops of a given type at once, or you can select individual troops for equipment changes. The game also lets you change equipment for your troops and tanks directly from the pre-mission briefing screens.

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