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Date Set For Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection

PSP remake coming in March along with collectors pack.


Square Enix originally listed PSP's Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection with a general Spring 2011 time frame when the game was announced a couple of weeks back. The wait for a final date ended up not being too long. Today, the company announced the final date as March 24.

The game will be available in both retail UMD and direct download form. The UMD version will run ¥5,980. The download version will sell for ¥4,980.

The Square Enix e-Store is readying a special version called "Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Ultimate Pack." Priced ¥9,445, this limited bundle includes an official guide book, an original soundtrack and an original book. The bundle comes in a box designed around a Yoshitaka Amano illustration.

Image of the Square Enix e-Store limited edition.

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