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Catherine: Vincent's Primary Weapon is His Pillow

Yes, this is the second pillow-related story about Catherine in as many days.


Yesterday, we had details about a pillow bonus item that Enterbrain is included in its "Catherine Famitsu DX Pack." The pillow is designed around the pillow that Vincent can be seen carrying as he works his way through his nightmares.

Today, Atlus updated the game's official site with details on just what the in-game pillow does. It turns out that it's Vincent's primary weapon.

If you can look past all the sheep in the artwork below, you can see Vincent holding his pillow and using it to strike at his foes:

Some of the sheep Vincent encounters in the stairway-based nightmare stages will attempt to push Vincent over the ledge or take out his footing. You'll use the pillow to strike back at the attacking sheep.

Vincent can also make use of more powerful tools which can take out groups of sheep with one blast.

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