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New Super Mario Bros. Crosses Six Million

DS's first six million seller.


The DS has a few five million sellers. And now it has a six million seller too.

Famitsu.com reports today that New Super Mario Bros. has crossed the six million sales mark. Data from Enterbrain, Famitsu's parent company, has the game at 6,015,255 units as of December 26, the last day of Enterbrain's most recent tracking period.

New Super Mario Bros. is the only DS title to have crossed the six million mark. It managed the feat four years and seven months after its May 25, 2006 release. The game continues to place in the weekly top 30 sales charts (see Media Create's latest chart here).

The Wii version of New Super Mario Bros. has similar standing on its platform. Late last month, New Super Mario Bros. Wii became the first Wii game to top four million.

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