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Marvelous Planning Hero 30 Second Presentation


Hero 30 Second.

It seems that Hironobu Sakaguchi has started a trend! Following Nintendo's "The Last Story Presentation" event from earlier this week, Marvelous Entertainment announced today that it will be holding a presentation of its own for Hero 30 Second. The event, set for January 27, will be titled "Hero 30 Second Presentation: Aiming For a True RPG" and will consist of producer and director Kenichiro Takagi providing an introduction to the title.

Marvelous will be hosting a live broadcast of the presentation. Details on time and so-forth will be announced later.

Similar to how Nintendo promoted the Last Story presentation, Marvelous has created a promo clip for the Hero 30 presentation. View it here.

Update 5:30 -- Here's a video reader chinonozu linked to in the comments comparing the Last Story and Hero 30 Second spots:

There's actually no need to wait until the presentation to get a pretty good look at Hero 30 Second. A demo has been available since November 4. Marvelous announced today that the demo has crossed the 100,000 download mark.

For those of you who have been keeping track of Hero 30 Second developments, the presentation announcement is presumably what was referred to in a post at the game's official development blog today that promised a "major announcement" from Marvelous.

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