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Happy New Years

Japan's publishing community wishes you a happy 2011 (or 2010 cough Sony cough) in their own unique ways.


Happy New Years!

... Although not from me.

Here are some wishes of wellness from Japan's publishing community.

From Tetsuya Nomura

Over at the Kingdom hearts Twitter, Tetsuya Nomura wishes everyone a happy New Years and says, "The travels with Sora and friends will continue this year too. There's just a bit left until Birth by Sleep Final Mix, but we're currently working on 3D. The next journey has lots of surprises as well."

The Kingdom Hearts Twitter icon was sapped out with a special New Years version:

From Arcana Heart 3

Illustration by Suzume Taketora.

From My Impossibly Cute Little Sister

From Vanguard Princess maker Tomoaki Sugeno

From Nitro Plus

From Memories Off

From Gal-Gun

From Omiya Soft

The Culdcept developer delivered a text-based message promising a new announcement this year and containing an apology for promising the same thing at last year's New Years without actually announcing anything.

From Aquaplus

From Konami

From Type Moon

From Hudson

From Nintendo

From Milestone

From PlayStation Home

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