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Kid Icarus Designer Suggests Steady Hands for 3DS

Masahiro Sakurai suggests keeping the 3DS fixed to avoid shake from harsh control inputs.


Kid Icarus Uprising director Masahiro Sakurai has a suggestion for playing the 3DS: keep the system still!

In a few Tweets earlier this week, Sakurai responded to a follower's questions about the 3DS's 3D effect, and also shed some light onto the effect a shaky hand can have on the system.

3D can make your eyes tired, said Sakurai, but because the effect varies depending on the person, he suggested that players make adjustments using the system's 3D slider adjuster.

He also suggested that players keep the 3DS fixed. The reason for this is that the system's 3D view is achieved through the player's eyes being in a set position, so if the shake that results from control inputs is too harsh, there could be issues.

Sakurai did not give a suggestion for how players are to keep the 3DS fixed. He could mean that you should just keep your hands steady -- perhaps planted in your lap. Or maybe he suggests investing in a 3DS equivalent of something like this:

Kid Icarus Uprising will be playable at the Nintendo World demo event later this week. We'll be sure and keep our hands super still when playing.

[Seen at Hachimaki]

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