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New Infinity Game Set for Xbox 360

Code_18 tells a time paradox story set in a school.


CyberFront's last big announcement for 2010 was code_18, a new Xbox 360 entry in the Infinity series of adventure games.

The Infinity series saw three releases through Kid, Never 7: The End of Infinity, Ever 17: The Out of Infinity, and Remember 11: The Age of Infinity. Following Kid's bankruptcy in 2007, CyberFront took over the franchise under the Kid brand.

The tentatively titled code_18 is the first new Infinity series game since Remember 11 on the PS2. The game has a time theme, telling the story of a "time paradox" set in the near future. Main character Hayato is a high school student in his school's chemistry club. The head of the club succeeds at a certain experiment, kicking off the events of the story.

CyberFront has opened a teaser site for code_18 offering a look at five heroines: (from left to right): Tamaki, Yuzu, Hikari, Nanari and Arika. For profiles of the characters see, 4gamer.

Code_18 is due for Spring release.

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