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These Are Your Two 3DS Baseball Titles

Namco Bandai and Konami fight it out with slightly differing visual styles.


3DS owners will have two choices when it comes to baseball games this Spring.

Here's Namco Bandai's option: Pro Baseball Famisuta 2011:

Here's Konami's option: Pro Baseball Spirits 2011:

While they have obviously differing visual styles, both titles are the latest entries in long running franchises, and both have "spring" release time frames.

Famisuta, as detailed at the totally unrelated Famitsu.com, promises to use the 3DS's 3D effect to give you the feel that players are actually standing on the field. Runs and other major happenings will also be shown in 3D.

On the gameplay front, the game will have data up to the start of the 2011 season and an updated version of the game's pennant race mode, "Dream Pennant Mode." New actions include dash stealing, where you get a fast start in stealing bases by timing your button press to the pitcher, and the ability to order your defense to move in -- useful for blocking squeezes. You can also perform a "Super Fine Play" by pressing two buttons simultaneously. This can be used to make diving or leaping catches.

While Famisuta uses cartoon-style characters, the game does strive for visual realism in one area: the player cards which appear on the bottom screen will now have real pictures of the players.

Artwork for Famisuta.

Spirits, detailed today at Famitsu.com, also makes the promise of greater visual depth due to the use of 3D visuals. Modes of play mentioned in Famitsu include a home run durby and a pennant mode that lets you play from the perspective of either the manager or player.

Spirits is usually a PlayStation brand title, with the 2010 installment having arrived on PSP, PS2 PS3. PS3 and PSP will be getting their own versions of 2011 to go along with the 3DS version.

For the PS3 version, Konami says that it conducted research into the recreation of a live baseball game, so you can expect a better feeling of being there. The game will have new network-based modes.

PlayStation 3 version of Spirits.

The PSP version promises updated graphics for even more realism than last year. Konami is also including "Grand Prix" mode, a mode where you take part in a variety of tournaments as manager. This was previously included in the PS3 version of 2010.

All three versions of Spirits will arrive simultaneously, according to Famitsu. Spirits games tend to arrive on April 1, possibly giving us a hint as to when to expect our first taste of 3DS baseball.

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