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Devil Survivor Getting Remake on 3DS

New scenario and more for remake of Atlus DS title.


The veil finally came off the 3DS Devil Survivor game Atlus announced last year. The game's final name is Devil Survivor Over Clock, and it's an enhanced port of the 2009 DS title Megami Ibunroku Devil Survivor (known as Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor outside of Japan).

Set in modern Tokyo, Devil Survivor begins as demons suddenly appear in the city. The central part of the city is closed off. Trapped within the enclosure, your goal is to seek out the truth behind the happenings, and survive.

The original version took place over a 7 day period leading up to the destruction of Tokyo. Regardless of the route you took, you always cleared the story in 7 days. Over Clock adds an eighth day scenario.

More demons await for 3DS owners. The game has over 150 demons, up from the 130 of the DS version, along with new skills. The designs are being headed up by Kazuma Kaneko.

The game's "Devil Auction" and "3 vs. 3 Extra Turn Battle" systems are in place for Over Clock. Famitsu doesn't mention any changes to these areas.

The 3DS version is getting some presentational updates. The game is now fully voiced, with over 20,000 lines. Visuals take advantage of the 3DS's higher resolution, allowing for a wider map, and increased visibility for messages and parameters. As for how the system's 3D capabilities are put to use, Famitsu says that the demons will fly out of the screen in shots like this:

Other changes mentioned in Famitsu's preview include new maps and a difficulty select.

Devil Survivor Over Clock is due for release some time in 2011. However, the game appears to be pretty far along, as Famitsu lists it as 90% complete.

Visit Famitsu.com for screens

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