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Yakuza Of the End's Weapons

Tanks, bulldozers, rail guns, flame throwers and... a pitching machine?

It's going to take more than just a standard gun to deal with funk like this!

Standard guns are fine for dealing with the hoards of zombies that have infested Kamurocho in Yakuza: Of the End. But the problem is that there are more than just zombies. Larger creatures await, requiring some heavier artillery.

Weekly Famitsu has a look this week at some of your advanced weapon options. You'll be able to make use of powerful weapons and even vehicles for when things get big and ugly.

Vehicular weapons include:

This tank was abandoned by the Self Defense Force when it became immobile. While you can't move it around, you can aim and fire at surrounding foes. You aim with the left stick, zoom in and out with the right stick, and fire with square.
This construction vehicle was used in the construction of the wall that that the Self Defense Force set up around Kamurocho's zombie infested region. Use it to charge at groups of zombies.
Armored Vehicle
This vehicle was also abandoned by the SDF, but unlike the tank, it can still be driven. The gun turret on its roof is powerful, but you'll need to take care not to make it overheat.
Fork Lift
We got a glimpse of the fork lift in an early trailer. The fork lift can be used not just to take out zombies, but for clearing out obstacles from the fields of play as well.
You'll hopefully have better luck with the tank than the SDF did.

If you prefer to remain on your own two feet, you'll want to use these:

Rail Gun
This weapon was created at a research facility somewhere. By varying the charge, you can change the weapon strength. When using this weapon, the game switches to first person aiming mode and you use the left trigger to aim.
Flame Thrower
Engulf your enemies in flames. The only catches are that it slows your movement down because it's so heavy, and it has limited fuel.
Trench Mortar
This weapon can fire three types of ammo. Each ammo type has a different effect, so you'll need to consider the current enemy type when making your selection.

In typical Yakuza fashion, you can also make use of some slightly unconventional weapons. Included in the bunch are:

Chain Saw
Amongst the weapons that allow for movability while being used, this ranks alongside the flame thrower in power.
Fire Hydrant
It's just a normal fire hydrant, and while it doesn't actually do any damage to the zombies, it can make them shrink away. Perhaps it can be useful when you're surrounded?
Pitching Machine
This pitching machine looks similar to the one that appears in Yoshida Batting Center in the game's batting mini game. You can aim it with the left trigger, and toggle between shooting straight, curve, sinker and fork balls. You can also turn it into a grenade launcher.
You won't have to do any batting when using the pitching machine as a weapon.

For those without access to Famitsu, we'll hopefully get an online look at these weapons later this week.

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