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First Possible Hint at 3DS Software Pricing

Dengeki database lists baseball game a bit higher than equivalent DS title.


Nintendo announced release date and pricing information for the 3DS hardware way back in September, but never got around to sharing similar information for the system's software lineup. While it's likely that the Nintendo World event tomorrow will shed some light on this area of the system's launch, Dengeki may have let slip word in advance.

A Dengeki listing popped up today for Pro Baseball Famisuta 2011, Namco Bandai's 3DS baseball game. The listing flagged the game as a March 31 release. More significantly, the game was listed as ¥6,090.

This is all past tense because Dengeki has since switched the listing back to the previously announced Spring time frame, with price listed as TBA.

The March 31 date is believable, as baseball games are often released around that time. The price is a bit on the high side. The most recent DS Famisuta game, Pro Baseball Famisuta DS 2010, sold for ¥5,229. This is a bit higher than the usual DS asking price of ¥5,040. The ¥6,090 Dengeki listed for Famisuta 2011 is closer to PSP-level pricing.

Of course, the Dengeki listing may have just been incorrect. We'll hopefully have some idea after Nintendo World kicks off Saturday morning.

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And if you're wondering what Pro Baseball Famisuta 2011 is and how it differs from Konami's Pro Baseball Spirits 2011, see this preview.

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