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Date Set for Dream Club Zero

Plus, play a good old fashioned game of ice cream in her mouth on her face!


D3 announced today a final release date of January 27 for Dream Club Zero.

The game has been rated D by CERO. This might be why:

Soft cream is just one of the options in the game's "Okuchian" games. Other examples include sausage on a stick and the banana.

I've never been to a host club so I don't know if there's such a thing as an okuchian game. But I have tried "accidentally" missing when feeding a banana to a girl and ended up getting slapped. (Okay.. that never actually happened.)

With the January 27 date, the Dream Club Zero is arriving just in time for you to enjoy the winter clothing events in real time. These events are called "winter clothing events" because the girls put on their winter clothes... presumably because it's cold outside. Here are a few shots.

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