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3DS Launching With Around 10 Titles, Software Prices Higher Than DS -- Inside Games

Publishers planning to spread releases around February and March.

Will Kid Icarus be one of the launch titles?

Inside Games reports today that the 3DS's launch lineup for February 26 will include around 10 titles or so. The site says that specifics will be announced on Saturday, presumably at the Nintendo World demo event.

According to the site, Nintendo's third parties have a large number of games in their lineups (something that you can confirm for yourself via the 3DS release calendar). Publishers plan on scattering their releases between February and March.

Only 15 games will be playable at Nintendo World. According to Inside Games, Nintendo carefully selected the playable title list. You can see a full schedule of playable and video-only titles at the Nintendo World event portal.

The site also picked up some details on 3DS software pricing. While there are many publishers who have not finalized their pricing, 3DS games will be around ¥1,000 above the DS's standard pricing of ¥4,800. Pricier games will go ¥2,000 higher. This pricing would put the 3DS closer to the PSP than the DS.

Inside Games did not provide sources for this info, but they are a professional site, so they probably wouldn't be making stuff up. Expect to hear further details when Nintendo World opens its doors Saturday morning.

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