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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Impressions

Strictly 2D gameplay looks pretty hot in 3D.


I'm pretty surprised myself that I'm saying this, but Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition was one of the best examples of 3D I saw at Nintendo World. The game uses 3D in three ways, and they all work brilliantly.

Most superficially, there's the added depth the 3D effect provides for non-gameplay screens. The character select screen, for example, looks like it's layered, with your character artwork on one layer, the character selection icons on another layer, the text on another layer, the world map on the far back layer, and so-forth. It's a cool effect that has to be seen. The game uses similar layering effects for all the splash screens.

3D is also put to excellent use during combat, even when viewing the action from the traditional side view perspective. The stages I played had a tremendous feeling of depth. As with the layering effects, this is all just for show, but it looks utterly cool.

Finally, and this was most surprising for me, the game's new over-the-shoulder view, referred to officially as "Dynamic View," is actually playable thanks to the use of 3D. To play this mode, you have to separate your senses from the fact that the action is tilted into the screen and play just like you would when playing in 2D. This proves to not be difficult, as the gameplay is still strictly 2D.

With 3D turned on, this viewpoint works, although I'm not sure if I'd necessarily want to play the game in this fashion all the time. I tried the mode with the 3D turned off, though, and found it to be totally unplayable, presumably because of difficulties judging depth. It looks like Dynamic View really depends on the 3D effect, making it unique amongst most of the 3DS games at Nintendo World.

The Nintendo World demo had you select between the Dynamic View mode and the Normal View mode at the demo's start, before going through character select. It's unclear if Capcom will let you more easily toggle between the two views -- perhaps by going into the pause menu. The two views do appear to be interchangeable. During internet play, one player can use the traditional view while the other uses the Dynamic View.

Outside of the viewpoint options and the general coolness resulting from the 3D, Super SFIV 3D Edition looks and plays just like its counterparts on other systems. Of course, the 3DS's control layout may cause concern for some. I didn't have any trouble, but I'm admittedly not a hardcore fighting game player.

During the fight, the bottom screen shows panels with pre-assigned moves and special moves. You can tap these panels to get difficult moves out easily. Of course, this is strictly optional. Based off the trailer Capcom showed at the event, the panel system appears to be in place to allow for beginner players to more easily challenge advanced players.

The Nintendo World build had arcade and story modes available for play. Story mode shows fully voiced animation on the top screen prior to fights.

The event trailer made mention of additional features like the "Channel Live" live viewing mode and download play. Download play sounds particularly generous, as people who've downloaded the game can share it with others as well.

I'm not sure if it's an MT Framework thing, but Resident Evil Revelations and Super Street Fighter IV (both MT Framework titles) had the smoothest 3D visuals amongst the Nintendo World games that I played (and I played most of the big ones). This is impressive for Super SFIV in particular, as its gameplay is strictly 2D, even in the Dynamic View mode where 3D view support is essential.

Super SFIV has been out on consoles for some time now and is now out in arcades as well. But fighting fans will still want to give the new 3D edition a look when it launches with the 3DS next month.

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