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Level-5 Details 3DS Lineup at Nintendo World

CEO Akihiro Hino confirms Inazuma Eleven 4 for 3DS.

Hino didn't have much to say about Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney.

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino took the stage for a stage event on the third and final day of the Nintendo World 2011 event to provide the latest look at his firm's 3DS title lineup, and to also announce a new addition to the lineup.

Taking up the most time was Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Level-5's launch title. This is currently seeing final work ahead of going gold. Hino boasted that the game will be the best in the series' history. He also provided a recap of the game's story, which has you playing in two time frames: one with the current Professor Layton and one with Layton in high school.

Typical of a Professor Layton game, Miracle Mask will feature a major voice cast. Hino announced that Masachika Ichimura, Michiko Kisechi and Yosuke Yamamoto will be appearing as guest voice actors. Yumi Matsutouya is providing the game's theme song "Mysterious Flower." Hino said that the game's ending, with the theme song, will make you cry.

Miracle Mask's development staff is three times the size of past titles in the series, Hino also revealed.

Level-5's other 3DS titles didn't get as much time, but Hino did manage to make a few notable announcements. Here's a look at what was said about each game:

Fantasy Life

Hino described this as a new type of game that uses ad-hoc and Street Pass to make you feel like you're playing in the same world as multiple other players, similar to an online game. It's a game that's played as you communicate with others, explained Hino. Your personal avatar character will meet a large number of other players in a virtual fantasy world.

Kyaba Jo Pi for Nintendo 3DS

Hino described Level-5's 3DS hostess simulator as "the Super Robot Wars of the hostess world," a reference to the many cameo appearances from anime and manga titles. Hino revealed that characters from the Gundam series will appear in the game.

Inazuma Eleven 4th Title

This is a new addition to Level-5's 3DS lineup. Previously, Level-5 announced that the fourth entry in the series was in development, but did not share specifics or a platform. As he formally announced that the game is a 3DS title, Hino joked that most players had probably figured it out in advance.

The game's story will take place ten years in the future from the rest of the series and will show how 11 people, including new main character Tenma Matsukaze, manage to change the soccer world which is in a bad state at the time. Hino also promised new gameplay systems for the new title.

Time Travelers

Hino didn't really say anything new about the Jiro Ishii-directed adventure game. One thing Level-5 is trying to do is show how realistic they can make a world when using 3D output.

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney

The big surprise from last year's Level-5 Vision press conference got just a bit of time during the stage. Hino described it as "not a gaiden/side story, but akin to two popular anime series having been combined into one movie." Level-5 is the game's publisher, but Hino noted that actual development is being done as a cooperative project between Capcom and Level-5. Ace Attorney designer Shu Takumi is currently working on the game's plot. Hino said that he hopes to make it into a banner title for the 3DS.

Visit 4gamer and Famitsu.com for looks at the stage event. You can also view a recording of the event at Nintendo's event page.

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