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The Last Story Commercial and Promo Video

A look at most areas of the upcoming RPG in this latest set of videos.


Nintendo released two videos for The Last Story today: a short 15 second teaser commercial and a longer introduction video.

View the commercial here:

The introduction video is the fourth in a series of videos showing the game. This one runs 5 minutes.

At the beginning, we see a key moment in the game as main character Elza gains his "Gathering" powers for the first time. The next scene shows the mercenaries speaking about their first mission since arriving at Ruli Island.

As the narration kicks off, we see the start of the story as the mercenaries begin their work for Ruli City's master, Count Arganon. Things kick into high gear when the Gurugu people (detailed here) attack the castle during heroine Kanan's wedding ceremony (Kanan is the one whose breasts are subtly shaking).

The rest of the trailer introduces:

  • Gathering
  • Elza's allies Quark, Seilen, Yuris, Jackal, and Manamia, and how you'll be conversing with them throughout battle, possibly learning tips on the fight at hand
  • Ruli City with looks at the shopping district and other areas, including the fighting arena where you can engage in fights with your allies whenever you want.
  • Character customization and how changes are reflected even in event scenes.
  • Online play

At the end, there are some additional story sequences set to theme song Toberu Mono by artist Kanon.

View the trailer here:

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