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Love Hotel Being Investigated For Loaning Wii and PS3 Games to Guests

Major Capcom and Nintendo games violated.


Things you can't do in Japan: open up a love hotel and loan PS3 and Wii systems to your guests. A Kobe hotel is under investigation by the police in Gunma Prefecture for doing just this.

According to the Kyodo Shimbun newspaper (as passed along at Inside Game, police conducted an on sight inspection of a love hotel in Kobe and found that the hotel was loaning out games like Mario kart Wii and the PlayStation 3 version of Resident Evil 5 to guests. The hotel was doing this without getting prior permission from the relevant copyright holders, apparently a violation of copyright law.

Love hotels are usually used by couples to have relations when they either can't get home or when being at home would disturb the neighbors or other family members. Such hotels often offer game systems or other forms of entertainment, as seen at this hotel near Andriasang.com's former office in Shibuya's Maruyamacho area.

Wii signs outside a love hotel in Shibuya.

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