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Microsoft Gives Live For You! to Idolmaster 2 Buyers

Some sweet bonuses for those who buy the upcoming idol simulation with a new Xbox 360 system.


Microsoft is holding a present campaign for Namco Bandai's Idolmaster 2. The campaign is titled "Play Idolmaster 2 on Xbox 360! System Simultaneous Purchase Campaign Where You Can Receive Special Presents."

Buy the idol simulator along with an Xbox 360 system, and you'll get two bonuses: an 8 gigabyte SanDisk USB memory card, and a download card for Idolmaster Live For You! These bonuses will come in a special holding case.

The USB Memory includes six promotion movies (720P, 60 frames per second), and the recent anime conversion promotion movie (30 frames per second). The download card is for the full Live For You! game. You'll need 4.81 gigabytes of space.

Idolmaster 2 hits Xbox 360 on February 24. The game is priced ¥8,800 on its own.

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