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New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Character Revealed

Meet JC, the wrestler. Plus, some early gameplay details.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2's new character gets a name.

It looks like Namco Bandai is at last preparing to give us a more formal introduction to Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Famitsu has a four page spread on the game this week, providing first details on one of the characters we seen in a recent teaser trailer.

The magazine introduces JC (I'm guessing this is how you write her name in Roman -- in katakana, it's written "ジェイシー"), the masked wrestler we saw in the previous trailer. She uses an acrobatic form of wrestling that makes use of her full body. Famitsu doesn't specifically list her as a Lucha Libre wrestler, although she certainly looks like it.

Also shown in the magazine are six returning fighters: Heihachi Mishima, Jin Kazama, Jinpachi Mishima, Aauka Kazama, Martial Law, and Miguel.

Heihachi was an elderly man in Tekken 6, but thanks to the results of some research, he's returned for TTT2 in young form. Jinpachi, his father, appears in the game in a form that makes him look like his last boss form in Tekken 5. Famitsu notes that this is the first time he'll appear in an arcade entry.

You can see JC and some of the other characters in motion in the game's second trailer, which was release late last year:

The magazine also has a look at a new gameplay system for TTT2. Like its predecessor, TTT2 has you select two characters for the fight. You can switch off between these two characters during combat, and even in the middle of moves to perform tag-based combos. New for TTT2 is a tag-based throw system where your two characters will combine for a cooperative throw move.

The magazine does not give specifics on how the system works, but it does show two examples. In one case, Jin grabs his opponent, then Martial Law takes over for the finish. The other example shows Heihachi pick up Miguel. JC comes in and the two finish off the move, flattening Miguel to the ground.

With a magazine report out of the way, we'll hopefully be getting some online details and even screenshots for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 shortly.

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