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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Online Play Detailed

Take on challengers both locally and over wi-fi.

Super SFIV 3D Edition launches with 3DS next month.

Capcom has been hinting at some robust multiplayer play for Super Street Fighter IV 3DS. Famitsu has details this week.

The 3DS launch title will have full internet-based combat, allowing players across the nation to challenge one-another. Capcom promises a lag-free experience for this "Internet Versus" mode.

You'll be able to select from three types of play: "quick match," which pairs you up with an opponent instantly, "custom match," which lets finds an opponent based off conditions that you've set, and "friend match", which lets you select an opponent from your friend list. You add players to your friend list by exchanging friend codes.

UPDATE 4:57 -- Regarding the friend codes and friend list, Famitsu does not make any mention about these being game-specific or universal across the 3DS system. We'll presumably have to wait for clarification from Nintendo.

The game also has local multiplayer play, of course. In the game's "Versus" mode, you'll be able to select player vs player, player vs cpu, cpu vs cpu and download play.

Download play allows you to play versus matches on two 3DS units using just one copy of the game. At Nintendo World last week, Capcom said that the download play support will allow downloaders to transfer the game to other people as well, and will continue to function even if the host player has left. Famitsu does not say if there are any limitations in terms of characters or stages.

Prior to multiplayer bouts, you can set a comment. This is displayed alongside your rank and current battle points (BP) ahead of the fight. Win a match, and you'll earn more battle points.

Similar to the console SFIV games, 3D Edition is compatible with arcade machiuke, or arcade challenge. This allows other players to interrupt you for battles as you play arcade mode. Famitsu confirms that this option will work with both local and internet versus play.

Famitsu also has a look at the game's title screen. This lists the following modes:

  • Arcade
  • Versus
  • 3D Versus
  • Internet Versus
  • Challenge
  • Training
  • Player Data
  • Figure Collection
  • Option

One more tiny reveal this week. The magazine has a look at the game's achievement component, referred to as "medals." As you clear certain conditions, you'll earn medals. These can be viewed in the Player Data area off the options screen.

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